5 Reasons Houndstooth is a Must Have for Your Wardrobe

houndtooth hareem pants

houndtooth hareem pantsHoundstooth is a Must Have for Your Wardrobe

Yes we love Houndstooth, especially in these lovely cut Hareem Houndstooth Trousers.  But for our first collection we weren’t just happy to have Houndstooth skirtone item of Houndstooth to tempt you, but we also chose this gorgeous, snug fitting Houndstooth pull on pencil skirt.  Out of all the thousands of pieces we chose for our first launch, we had to have these two.

Houndstooth is of course as you know, simply not new at all, but has been around for years.  It is thought Houndstooth, otherwise known as “Dogstooth or Shepherds Check, originated in  the early 1800’s in Scotland  and began as an outdoor protector for shepherds in scotland.  Of course in those days it would have been woven on a loom, oh how we have progressed! :)

The rest is history of course, Houndstooth was shared adopted and the pattern spread round the world when the distinct pattern was used by designers to enhance their collections.   Since then, houndstooth has been used not only for outerwear but all types of clothes, tops, jackets, skirts, pants, even shoes, handbags and hair accessories.

Houndstooth is an extremely popular pattern and has never really gone out of fashion, it may have been paused for a while, but it never truly went away. The revival began last year of course and we think its going to continue for some time to come. There are lots of reasons we think this is so and as a respectable fashion lover, we will always have at least some houndstooth in our wardrobe.  here I give you 5 reasons we love it.

1.  Houndstooth looks smart no matter what

Yes, we think that no matter how you wear houndstooth, whatever the garment, whether its a scarf, a coat or indeed a skirt or trousers, they always look smart.  We reckon its because the design is uniform, but because of its unique shape, it can still appear tidy even when its not. This great article showing 19 Houndstooth looks from Fashionsy.com illustrate this beautifully.

2.  Houndstooth can be teamed up with most colours

Because of the monochrome colouring, you can put Houndstooth, not just with black, but with Red, Purple or even neutral colours.  You can team it with alternative clothing items or accessories as shown in this great article by wondermika.com 

3.  Houndstooth can be worn by all agesHoundstooth

Whether its that smart classic coat or that funky hareem trousers, Houndstooth can be worn by all ages and still look great.

4. You can use your imagination with Houndstooth

Houndstooth is just so versatile, and comes in a variety of products, variations and materials.  The sky is the limit, use your imagination!

5. Your classic Houndstooth pieces will last for years

Because its so popular and versatile, Houndstooth is never going to go away. So you can wear and wear that gorgeous piece year after year and be confident you will still look great.







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